Note to our Valued Customer

1. When anyone makes a purchase from our site and asks for a Saligram we will gift one gladly to them

2. Anyone wishing to give donation to help fund this service and receive a Saligram, or sponsor an expedition, or  places a specific order to procedure a worship able Saligram, we can negotiate how we can best provide you with what you request so as to properly respect the worth integrity of Saligram and to assist devotees who otherwise have no access to gaining a Saligram availability.

We are trying to bring Saligrams to the devotees who otherwise would not have access to them. There can never be a price put upon what Sri Saligram is worth as there is not enough gold in the world to equal even one. Through our site we are asking that you help us cover our cost of wages paid to people to search Saligrams, pay their fooding, lodging ,transportation, porter to provide this service of bringing Saligrams to you. We are therefore offering two availabilities.